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ESPN writer apologizes for tweeting fake Saban quotes

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An ESPN reporter has apologized for fake quotes he attributed to Nick Saban. Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Wise of ESPN’s The Undefeated on Monday night apologized for a series of tweets featuring fake quotes attributed to Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban.

Wise found himself in hot water and at the center of controversy after an arguably ill-conceived attempt at humor. The tweets portrayed Saban supposedly responding to questions about serious issues with less-than-appropriate answers. The responses appear to be inspired in part by Saban’s earlier comments about Monday’s solar eclipse.

  • “Nick Saban on ugly race relations in America: ‘Haven’t been watching’ the news. Guys get along great on our team. That’s what most important.;’”
  • “Nick Saban on troops surrounding Tide’s practice, preparing for Armageddon: ‘As long as they stay off field, we can get some work in.’”

The tweets, since deleted, were captured by Kevin McGuire on Twitter.

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Wise took to Twitter to apologize for the tweets and to indicate he would delete them.

Wise in a subsequent tweet referred to his attempts at humor as a “just dumb, juvenile move on my part.”

It’s difficult to ascertain exactly what Wise was trying to accomplish with these fake quotes, even if humor was the intent. But it’s abundantly clear his jokes missed the mark entirely — to say the least — and he paid the price for them, at least in a social media sense.

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